With the expertise and experienced engineers of Ateksis, theathers are equipped with latest technology sound, lighting and display systems.

We provide recording equipment and media as well as video production gear and anything else you need to professionaly conduct theathers, shows, concerts, gigs, church services, programs, school productions and more.


Our team of sound experts will introduce you to the largest selection of professional audio & lighting equipment - our vast knowledge in audio and lighting equipment we have the power to fit the best configuration for your application..

In addition to the security and on site communication of the building we supply also all video, sound and lighting systems.

Our systems are working;

TIM show center in Istanbul Turkey

Academy of Military in Istanbul Turkey,

Salekhard City Theather in Slakhard Russia

Akbugday Theather in Asgahabat Turkmenistan

Kukla Theather in Asgahabat Turkmenistan

And many more...


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