Quality Management

Our Total Quality Management Process  provides the basis for analyzing customer requirements, defining the processes that contribute to the achievement of a product or service that is acceptable to the customer, and provisions for keeping these processes in control. In recognition of the varying organizational structures and needs of the Business Units, our quality manual may be supplemented by additional detailed procedures. Such additional procedures may not be less stringent than those provided in our plan unless specifically required in the customer contract; records shall be kept of such contract exceptions.


We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees and protecting the environment. We are also committed to providing a safe working environment for all our employees, independent contractors, vendors, and customers, and will operate our facilities in a manner that prevents harm to public health and the environment. We together with all member’s of Ateksis will seek to conserve energy, water and raw materials, use recycling and reduce waste where appropriate. We will be good neighbors in our communities by insuring that our facilities do not pose unreasonable risks, and by participating in community activities related to Environment, Health & Safety (EHS). In all our activities, we will comply with all applicable laws. our activities, we will comply with all applicable laws.


Our  Total Quality Management Process is the comprehensive process of satisfying the customer, starting with a request for a product or service through the delivery and use of the item that satisfies that request.










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