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Ateksis provides universal solutions for both low level and high level demands in a building with worldwide brands as a system intagrator. With Ateksis’ standalone and integrated systems, you will have smart buildings equipped with the latest technology.

Working closely with architects, designers, facilities managers and both IT and construction professionals Ateksis designs, builds and install;

• Closed circuit television (CCTV) systems including state of the art IP- solutions 

• Access Control systems
• Intrusion detection and Perimeter Security Systems
• Fire Alarm Systems
• Security Management Systems
• Public Address/Voice Evacuation Systems

• Public Displays and Digital Signage Systems

• Enterprise Communication Systems

Our systems works in;

Sabancı Center in Istanbul Turkey

Turkish Central Bank branches in Turkey

Sun Plaza in Istanbul Turkey

Garanti Bankası Headquarters Building in Istanbul

Capital City in Moskow

NTC Building in Sudan

Forensic Medicene Building in Istanbul

Isbankası Operation Center in Istanbul

Logistic Center in Astana

Merck Sharp Dohme building in Istanbul

And many more...


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