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Ateksis has Stamped Its Name on the Security Systems of Award Winning Bulvar 216 Project

Bulvar 216 project which was deemed worthy of awards in five different categories in European Property Awards, an event determining the best structures of Today and the future in terms of real estate and structure design, is bringing prestige to Ataşehir.  Installation of sound systems, emergency warning system, fire detection and access control system of this prestigious and extensive project was conducted by Ateksis.

Fire Detection System

An FPA-5000 fire detection panel with double control unit, 15 loop and 1536 address capacity and an FSM (Fire System Monitoring) software were used in the Bosh fire detection system.

Ceiling structure was taken into consideration during the installation and the system was designed according to the escape routes.  Furthermore, mechanical equipment available in the building can be monitored using the fire detection system.  Equipment provided by Bosh with their almost fully addressed architecture can be displayed on a user computer using the FSM software after being introduced to the system.  Nevertheless, ambient carbon monoxide level of the parking garage is monitored using carbon monoxide detectors by UTC integrated to the fire detection system.  Illuminated and audible alerts are installed as required throughout the building.

Sound System and Emergency Warning System

It is possible to make announcements for 35 separate regions with the choice of Bosh Plena series sound system. Speakers available with this system can both be used for emergency warnings and music broadcast. Protective covers are installed to speakers in order to delay the effects of a potential fire hazard on the speaker connections. Ceiling structure was taken into consideration and speakers were installed properly. Specific sections of the building were checked in order to obtain a homogenous and clear sound level.

Access Control System

Bosh access control system monitors the gates equipped with photocells on the parking garage floors and fire safety gates on the other floors. Card scanners and magnetic locks can be controlled from the fire detection system in case of emergency.  As all the systems are coordinated, possibility of a security flaw is eliminated.

About Bulvar216

Bulvar216, being built on an area of 41.000m2, is a combined project of a shopping center and office complexes.  It consists of a parking garage with 600-cars capacity. Transportation is not an issue thanks to its central location close to main arteries and subway.

Bulvar 216 Offices and Shopping Center is neighboring Ataşehir Mimar Sinan Mosque and Finance Center to the North; residences and Ülker Sports Arena to the West; recreational areas to the East; and Ataşehir boulevard, local park and residences to the South.

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