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Ülker Arena Technology Partner; Ateksis

Ülker Sports Arena, the International Sports Complex built with the cooperation of Fenerbahçe Club and one of its sponsors Ülker, opened its doors with the basketball match of Fenerbahçe Ülker men team vs. Emporio Armani Milano from THY Europe League. Audio, video, intercom, show lighting automation, general lighting automation, and live broadcast infrastructure systems for such reference project were provided by Ateksis.

The hall was built by taking the halls where NBA matches were played as an example, and in accordance with the higher technology and comfort standards. Fenerbahçe International Sports Complex -Ülker Sports Arena- is a candidate for becoming a shining star of Turkish basketball with its 13.850 people capacity, its modern equipment and comfort.

On the giant LED scoreboard hanging on the center of the hall and facing all four sides, it’s possible to display videos for commercials, promotions and organizations, alongside with the match score. Also the commercials to be broadcasted on the LED screens placed 360 degree throughout the tribunes are a significant source of income, and the video shows to be displayed on the same screens increase the attraction of the hall. The logos and marquees to be shown on the screens are broadcasted via KJ systems supplied by Ateksis.


At the lodges viewing the entire of the hall, the guests are provided with any kind of comfort. There are 44 highly luxurious lodges at the hall and all of them have been already sold out months ago. The fans bought the lodges will be able to watch not only the matches of Fenerbahçe, but also any concerts, national matches, and other organizations freely.


There are lighting automation, audio and video systems at the lodges and the foyer and service areas of the lodges. Lighting systems of the lodges and other areas seeable from the hall can be controlled at their own area, and they can be also taken under the central control of show lighting system during the activities. Lighting automation was installed by using Creston Automation products and Etherwan industrial network keys as well as fiber optic cables, and by establishing a system-specific lighting network.


High End and Altman products were used for show lighting system. Within this scope, 14 High End Showgun moving head spots were installed at the hall roof. High End Roadhog Fullboar lighting control desk and DMX network enlargement units were used for the control of such spots. Walkways and entrances/exits at the tribunes were lightened through Altman ellipsoidal spots. Altman freshnel spots were used for the stage lighting of press briefing hall.


6 sets line array speakers each of which includes 12 JBL VLA901H series array speakers and 4 ASB6128H series subwoofers were used for the main hall audio system as ceiling-mounted around the central scoreboard. Also audio broadcast is provided through the specific latency-applied loudspeakers 22 for the top of tribunes, 44 for lodges and 8 for the front parts of the tribunes where reserve banks and referee desks are placed. Public announcements and event broadcasts are performed via JBL suspended ceiling speakers at the counter areas, café and service areas as well as foyers.


A digital audio network special to audio system has been formed within the building. Audio system amplifiers were placed at special rooms close to their broadcasting sections, and the broadcast was transmitted to such rooms from center via digital cobranet signals over fiber optic cables. BSS digital signal processors and HP network keys were used for the digital audio network configuration.


For the connection to audio systems, multi-channel connection boxes were placed at the four sides of the hall, and so it was ensured to broadcast to system center from the hall inside over the live broadcast cabinet, and to the whole building from there. With the systems installed in the press briefing hall, the audio needs required for the press conferences held at the end of matches were met.


There is also a training site larger than the field of many teams within the complex. Here it was also used 6 set line array speakers including 5 VRX928 array speakers and 2 VRX915 subwoofers for each of the tribunes at both sides. Also it’s possible to audio broadcast through portable live broadcast cabinets during the trainings and matches via the multi-channel audio connections at the field side.


SoundCraft and Allen Heath audio control desks are used for the portable live broadcast cabinets used at the main hall and training field as well as at the system center. As audio control desks in control room and main hall have been selected among digital models, they provide users with the flexibility of use the previously recorded setups.


In the event of emergency such as fire, etc., any speakers at the audio system enter into the control of fire system via the special automatic switching systems, and so automatic emergency announcements can be made for entire building.


There are Sanyo video projection systems at Clubs and Suits within the facility, and Creston automation systems and touch control panels in order to operate audio, video and lighting systems there.


The safe communication need during the activities is met by using 4-channel intercom connection sockets placed throughout the building at catwalks on the roof, dressing rooms, referee rooms as well as connection boxes at the field side, and with the Clear Com intercom matrix as well as portable Clear Com intercom units.


For the infrastructure of live broadcast, the broadcast connection boards placed any potential camera positions, Canare and Neutrik fiber optic, triax, BNC and XLR audio connectors, as well as the cables supplied by the manufacturers such as Canare and Belden were used. The whole infrastructure is centralized at the connection center near the platform where outside broadcast vehicles will park. The outside broadcast vehicles parking there can access 30 live broadcast connection points around the facility over the connection cabinets. There are three different standard video and audio connection opportunities at each point; Triax, Fiber and Coax. Also coax and audio connection panels are used for the distribution of live broadcast signals at 6 different areas where press members will watch the matches.

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