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Ateksis at Haydar Aliyev Center Project

‘Haydar Aliyev Center Project (HAMP)’ the construction of which continues at Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, will be one of the most important projects of the era when it is completed. The project of Zaha Hadid known for her imaginative designs is completely different from architecture of the city and it changes the architectural understanding in Baku. Apart from having a totally new architectural style different from other buildings at the city, the complex attracts special attraction across the country as it bears the name of Azerbaijani leader, Haydar Aliyev.

The project covers 101.000 sqm in total including the main building, parking lot, linking tunnel, technical center and landscape areas. Parking lot of the building, the foundation of which was laid in September 2007, was completed, and swimming pools, green fields and ramps were designed over the four-storey parking lot below the ground and within the landscape areas by Zaha Hadid.

The contractor company of HAMP project is “DİA Holding”, an affiliate of IC INVESTMENT Holding and INTERSUN Holding. It was a primary concern to ensure any systems to be used in the weak current of the building are in harmony of the architectural aesthetics. Product supply as well as installation and commissioning services for the Fire Alarm system in which the award-wining, aesthetic and invisible fire detectors of Bosch preferred by architectures were used, General Audio and Announcement, Card Pass, Gas Detection and BIS (Building Integration System) solutions are carried out by the technical team of Atekisis.

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