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Ateksis Adds Value to its Values through ‘Value-Adding Sales’ Seminar

Ateksis started 2012 training calendar for its staff each of whom is defined as a value by Ateksis. The “Value-Adding Sales” Seminar, a program aiming to help sales team improve their communication and sales skills and reflect them into business life in order to achieve their goals within the increasing global and local competition environment, was held on 12-13 May at Sapanca Richmond Nuo Hotel. Directed with the instructor Sibel Gürler from Baltaş&Baltaş Yönetim, Eğitim ve Danışmanlık company, this seminar is a program that allows salespersons to recognize and improve their sales skills, increases their energy of life, promotes their motivation, and gives them opportunity to reflect their potential into the sales completely.

The training which was completed with the effective presentation of Sibel Gürler included the topics such as Empathy Development, Cooperation with the World of Tomorrow, Let's Win Together, Body Language, Reception of Objection, Basic Principles of Sales, and Customer and Communication. Also the training was enlivened with activities during the day, and the personnel stated their pleasure to have such a training.

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