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Ateksis, Partner of Hilton Bursa Convention Center & Spa and Hampton by Hilton Bursa Hotels

The hotels of Hilton Bursa Convention Center & Spa and Hampton by Hilton Bursa constructed and operated by Durmazlar Makine, one of the world’s leading manufacturers for metal treatment machines, and providing 3-star and 5-star concepts all together for the first time in Turkey have been put into practice. The IP closed circuit television system (CCTV), fire detection and alarm system, emergency announcement system, card pass system, and the application of Bosch security systems integration software where the 4 systems specified above are controlled under a common roof, which are used in both facilities, have been installed by Ateksis.

The hotels of Hilton Bursa Convention Center & Spa and Hampton by Hilton Bursa have 35 thousand sqm space in total. Hampton, the 3-Star application of Hilton Hotels, has been practiced in Bursa for the first time in the world. The first one of the hotels, which were constructed side to side but independent of each other, the 5-Star Hilton Bursa Convention Center & Spa has 187 guest rooms 12 out of which are suits, 3 executive floors independent of other floors and an executive lounge enlivened by Uludag mountains scene, 12 meeting rooms in total 3 of which are VIP and all of which receive daylight, one closed ballroom with the capacity of 1200 people, one open ballroom with the capacity of 800 people, the Brasserie Restaurant providing service whole day by combining different cultures’ flavours with the Mediterranean Cuisine, the Atrium Lounge and Patisserie Vivienne for happy tea times or snacks, the Skylight Restaurant & Bar having a unique scene and rich options from world cuisines, the Spa & Wellness center with Uludag mountains scene including closed swimming pool, fitness hall, Turkish bath, sauna, massage rooms, steam bath and resting places, and the Speedy Entertainment Centre for an exciting experience with life-sized formula cars. 3-Star Hampton by Hilton Bursa, on the other hand, includes 107 guest rooms, the Lobby Restaurant, a fitness center and a fully-equipped meeting hall.


Fire Detection and Alarm Systems


Modular fire alarm panel FPA-5000 series of Bosch has been used at the facilities. Addressed fire alarm panel with the capacity of 20 loops has been used for Hilton section, while 12 loop fire alarm panel has been used for Hampton section. The system has approximately 3000 address capacity. Two panels operate as network and the states of the FMR-5000 series recurrence panel in lobby as well as of two panels can also be monitored at the lobby. In the sections available for customers’ common use in the hotel such as ballroom, meeting rooms, lobby, etc., Bosch’s invisible series fire alarm detectors were used and a highly classy appearance was provided architecturally. It was intended to detect any possibility of a potential fire as early as possible by locating equipment in a way that it’s possible to sense throughout the hotel by taking Hilton and Turkey standards into consideration. System runs as integrated with the mechanical systems within hotel, and it is monitored and controlled with entrance/exit modules where mechanical systems are used. The whole system is integrated with Bosch Security Integration Software (BIS), and it can be monitored and controlled via the graphic display monitoring and control software.


Emergency Announcement System


Prasedio digital series of Bosch was used and the system has a 59-zone capacity in total and it’s integrated with the fire alarm system. System zoning has been made according to the fire alarm release plan. Bosch’s announcement speakers which are in harmony with the architectural plan were used in the system. As specific music broadcasting system was used at general volumes, no separate emergency announcement speakers were used for such volumes, and the specific music broadcasting system and emergency announcement system used at such locations were integrated and so cost benefit was ensured.


Card Pass System


The most recent series of Bosch, the AMC series, was used. With the placement of card readers at specific volumes, it was prevented for customers and non-authorized persons to access such special sections. Fingerprint readers were used at the sections requiring high level security such as IT room in order to provide top protection. It was provided to track personnel by 1 turnstile located at the staff entrance. Also the fire exit doors are monitored by magnetic contacts installed on doors and the card pass system, and the alarm information is monitored by the system when such doors are used. Card pass system is also integrated with Bosch Security Integration Software (BIS), and the whole system can be monitored and controlled via the graphic display monitoring and control software. All entrances/exits can be monitored via the software and followed via the Autocad plan of the hotel.


IP CCTV System

IP series cameras of Bosch were used together with VRM series software. There are approximately 250 IP cameras within the hotel. Architectural aesthetics has been provided by using elegant dome cameras of Bosch at the volumes having suspended ceiling. Cameras appropriate for the location were used at the whole building and its surrounding inclusive of bed corridors within the hotel, and so the whole building and its surrounding can be monitored. Thanks to the Bosch IVA licensed cameras used, ‘Smart Image Analysis’ is made at general volumes. System is monitored on 4 32” and 4 19” monitors located at the security room. CCTV system is also integrated with Bosch Building Security Integration Software (BIS).



Bosch Building Security Integration Software (BIS)


Fire alarm system, card pass system and CCTV system are operated as integrated, and they are monitored and controlled over the software. The software is licensed for 3000 points, 64 doors, 2000 card readers, 500 visitors, and 100 IP cameras in total. The status information of the system can be monitored via the icons placed on the building’s Autocad plans over software.


Application of A/V Systems


Hilton Bursa Convention Center & Spa has a great deal of major functions within its structure, as is evident from its name. There are 9 meeting rooms at the mezzanine, each of which is of different sizes. Some of them can be combined when needed in order to have a larger meeting and conference halls.


Architectural structures of the halls were designed and applied as highly suitable for multi-purpose use, and the video/data projectors hidden into the ceiling at all halls are used by activating them automatically with the automation system installed at each room together with the projection screen. Creston automation system was implemented for all such halls, and with such systems, it has become possible to prepare the hall for a conference in a second when they are used both alone and as combined.


The control of audio and video systems as well as ambient conditions (heat, lighting, and daylight curtains, etc.) is provided through wall-type button panels, desktop touch LCD panels, and touch wide-screen wireless panels available in each room.


Also there are 3 VIP meeting halls 1 of which is quite large. No one of the meeting rooms and/or halls requires technical personnel during utilization. Any functions required can be provided by the user only with a single key. Thanks to this system which was designed by eliminating human factor completely, all meetings and conferences can be held smoothly.


The ballroom was designed as it’s possible to pide into two parts, and technically equipped in a way that will meet the optimum conditions of use for congress/conferences as well as balls, and the meetings with live performances.


Hilton & Hampton by Hilton Bursa is in the foreground with its Spa, apart from being a congress/conference center. It’s 5 massage rooms, 1 of them is VIP- were fitted with Hi-Fi audio system allowing a different music option for each.


Bose loudspeakers were chosen for common spaces (lobby, patisserie, restaurants, executive lounge, Skylight Restaurant, game center) for high quality music broadcast, and Bittner Audio power amplifiers were used there; and any local control interfaces and signal processors were projected and applied as Creston. Control of ambient conditions (heating, lighting and daylight curtains, etc.) except A/V systems in such spaces above is provided through wall-type touch LCD panels and touch wide-screen wireless panels located on the related sections.  

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