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Tivibu's New Sports Studio by Ateksis

Ateksis entirely brought down the 150-seated conference hall of Türk Telekom as a part of the Tivibu TV Studio Project and morphed it into a 5-camera TV studio stretching over 160 square meters including electricity, construction, air-conditioning, lighting and scenic design equipment.

Equipped with 5 Sony HSC-100 cameras in the studio, this momentous project provides Tivibu with the title of the very first corporation that makes use of Sony PWS-4500 Replay system in Turkey. Viz RT Touch Screen, which is put to use as a part of the project, displays UCL and UEL game statistics transmitted through Delta Tre and makes a difference.

A total of thirty 55-inch Samsung Video Walls in 3x6, 3x3 and 3x1-meter sizes and one 85-inch Samsung Touch screen complement the scenic design of the studio.

The lighting design of the studio was laid out by the engineers of the company Arri, a global leader in studio lighting, in Germany making use of Arri Led Fresnel and LED Sky Panel models.

Wielding a 3ME Sony MVS-6530 model for the drawing board and Sony & Bon brands for the monitors, the project also features the products of Imagine Communication as glue equipments and the products of Grass Valley as Sound and Video Routers.

With a 5.7-meter Stanton Jimmy Jib camera in the studio, Tivibu project also enjoys 4 Standard and 1 Wide Angle Canon lenses by Broadcast series. Osprey Elite Studio-model pedestals by Vinten were used for dollies.

Being delivered by Ateksis over a short period of time in a complete and functional way after designed to serve as a TV studio; this successful project was launched in September 2016. Welcoming the new broadcasting season in a new studio, Tivibu Spor was founded in an effort to let viewers meet UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League games, and to present and broadcast sports-themed shows. Tivibu, hereby, has kicked off the new broadcasting season with the very first TV studios within the body of Türk Telekom.

We sat down with Tivibu's TV Cinema and Thematic Content Director, Mr. Mehmet Demirhan to talk over the specifics of the projects:


  • Could you provide us with some information about the reason behind the launch of Tivibu and the broadcasting life of Tivibu sports network?

Tivibu was launched in 2010 in an attempt to provide online digital TV platform services by the instrument of IPTV technology. The network began to air by satellite in 2015. Shows delivered by Tivibu before used to be broadcast in another studio. This project helps us go on with our broadcast in our own studios.

  • What are the perks of having a new studio?

As you know, we used to make use of the studios of another TV network. Operationally, it was challenging. We now have a chance to work in a more efficient way in our own studio. Our renovations efforts will persist with a view to boosting the quality of our broadcast for Champions League and UEFA Europe League games as an official broadcasting corporation and provide our customers with the most diverse content. In addition, we always have had thoughts about creating contents in a variety of themes and we continue to exert efforts in this respect, too.

·       What were your expectations from the Tivibu studio project when it was at the idea stage and to what extent have your expectations been met as a result?

While we were concerned about some issues that may have not been settled, we engaged in negotiations with the technical staff of Ateksis in a professional way and managed to overcome the challenges. Within this scope, I can honestly say that Ateksis performed better than we expected. 

  • What do you think about the studio and the technical infrastructure?

We have to provide viewers with visual quality standards that can compete with those of sports corporations broadcasting in many countries as an official broadcaster of Champions League and UEFA Europa League games. So, we were in need of top-notch equipments due to the fact that the studio within the Tivibu premises was restricted to a small area. Hence, we have sought to pick high-level equipment to be put to use as a part of the system and we now see that we did a good job. It is safe to say that the outcome is extremely satisfactory. 


  • Would you like to talk about this turnkey project and your cooperation with Ateksis?

It was really challenging to entirely bring down a 150-seated conference hall of Türk Telekom and set up a new studio in a short span of time and provide all the necessary materials and technical equipment. Ateksis completed the project before we knew it and made the delivery in a full-fledged fashion. By means of training sessions and technical assistance, Ateksis also did lend help to us to make use of the system in a well-functioning way.

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