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A Touch by Ateksis on the Archaeology Museum in Hatay, the City of Civilizations


The world's second most diverse museum in mosaic heritage, Hatay Archeology Museum is now equipped with Fire, CCTV, Emergency Announcement and Card Pass Systems by Ateksis.


The very first settlement dates back to 8000 B.C. in Antakya dubbed "Orientis Apicem Pulcrum" in the Ancient Age and named by Atatürk while the town enjoys a nearly 2300-year old background.


The town had been founded by Seleucus, one of the commanders dividing the empire after the death of Alexander the Great. Then, it was ruled by Parthians, Sasanians, Byzantines, Abbasids, Tulunids, Ikhshidids, Hamdanids, Seljuks, Crusaders and Mamluks. The town was reigned by the Ottoman Empire after Selim I's Egyptian Campaign. In 1937, the independent State of Hatay was founded and then Hatay went on to join the Republic of Turkey in 1939.


Referred by Marcellinus to as "no other town in the world is comparable to it. Neither in fertile lands nor in trade", Antakya is located in the southwestern part of the Amik Valley and in a spot where the three major roads of the Asia Minor meet and they lead to the Mediterranean.


Hosting a great deal of beliefs and people throughout the history, Hatay has produced scores of poets, scientists and artists creating a bountiful background of culture in time. The traces of such a background are now captured by the ancient buildings and museums as works of art, press activities or traditions and customs in social life. In addition, Hatay still remains a cradle of religions and and beliefs just as it has throughout the history with Muslims, Christians and Jews co-existing in peace as well as mosques, churches and synagogues lined up next to one another. The religious differences are viewed as a diversity as a result of the common culture enjoyed by the society. Serving as a home to such a cultural structure, Hatay has been declared as "the Capital of Peace" by UNESCO.


As one of Turkey's top crown jewels in history, culture, civilizations, nature, cuisine and touristic destinations, Hatay also features the world's second largest mosaic collection.

Ranking second in diversity of a mosaic collection and third in money collection, Hatay Archeology Museum is now equipped with fire, CCTV, emergency announcement, card pass systems as well as visual presentations and audio systems supplied and put into operation by Ateksis. As a part of the project where field engineers put the aforementioned systems into operation, utmost attention was paid to the utilization of products and solutions in line with aesthetic and quality terms.


We provided Hatay Archeology Museum, which incorporates ancient mosaics and other works of art, with Bosch products and security solutions.



Fire Detection and Emergency Announcement System


The Museum is now equipped with a Modular Fire Panel 5000 Series and PLENA General Voice Alarm & Emergency Announcement for security solutions. The fire panel features eight loops with nearly 800 detectors and 83 manual alarm spots. 500 loudspeakers enable to hear any announcement for evacuation loud and clear across the museum. Mounted in more than 8000 facilities around the world, PLENA Voice Alarm and Emergency Announcement system offers an ideal solution for small and medium-sized practices.



CCTV Solutions and Card Pass System


The video surveillance system is comprised of 175 DINION IP night/day vision cameras. Cameras are easily integrated with video management systems of various brands thanks to ONVIF compatibility and Bosch's Integration Partner Program (IPP). Non-public areas are monitored by 7 Bosch AMC2 Card Pass and Control Systems and 53 card readers while more than 150 motion and 70 curtain detectors protect the works of art from any theft and attack. The entire security system features a modular design to be easily expanded when a need arises.


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