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Ateksis at Awaza Congress Hall


Ateksis team successfully conducted all installations and assembly Works of Professional sound, light, visual and live broadcasting substructure systems at Turkmenbasi City of Turkmenistan, at the opening of Awaza Congress Hall which was built by Polimeks Insaat, the prime contractor of many significant projects around the globe.


Polimeks having successfully completed major significant projects such as 211 metres tall Ashgabat TV Tower which is also inserted in Guinness Book of Records and Ashgabat Concert and Theatre Halls signed another magnificent Project at Turkmenbasi. The Project is established on an area of 130.000 m2 of land, 7,700 m² of which is closed area. 9 floor Project contains a multi-purpose hall for 2000 people, concert hall for 500 people and meeting half for 122-103-80 people. In addition to this, banquet halls for 450 and 250 people, press hall for 150 people, town hall for 60 people, statesmen meeting hall for 17 people, signature hall and meeting halls for two parties of the government councils and VIP cinema hall provide services as complementary halls at the facilities.


This reputable congress hall also includes study and resting halls exclusively designed for Turkmenistan President and guest statesmen. The stage having an area of 750 m2 was designed in such a way to encompass 65 m2 of moving orchestra platform and a balcony with 800 seats and multi-purpose hall for 2000 people were designed in such a way to meet the technical requirements and needs of many events and activities from multi-national conferences to large scale concerts, from theatre plays to opera. Ateksis has implemented all product supply, assembly, integration and commissioning services of Professional Dubbing, Lighting, A/V Display Systems, Live broadcasting substructure systems, Conference and Simultaneous Translation Systems.


Systems addressing to all of the purposes indicated above were installed at the conference hall for 2000 people where the highest quality models of the leading brands were used. More than one hundred cabin speakers and 68 amp-channels were used within the sound system. As the stage and control room mixers, 192 channel digital sound mixers were used which was communicated via 192 channel digital sound mixers were used whereby fibre optical substructure was communicated with. The Professional lighting system of the stage was designed in a flexible and diversified substructure and it has a structure which may ornament all kinds of events with marvellous effects. With 80 moving wash and spot lights, in order to capture detailed lightning effects on the stage, more than two hundred lights were used. 288 channel digital dimmer units were used within the system. In addition to the light control desk, the system control also has back up with the software installed upon the computer. 


As the visual display system of the hall, a led Wall screen was chosen with dimensions 15mx8.5m and with range of 6 mm. pixels that was placed within the stage. This screen was hung by the use of a motorized mechanism based on the multi-purpose and moving structure of the stage. The screen the weight of which exceeds eight tons was mounted in such a way that it can be concealed by being moved into the soffit gap with six motors of two tons capacity. The conference and translation systems were designed in a way suitable for international meetings. Following the opening of the building, during the significant affair meetings held at this hall where also ambassadors from different countries were seated, broadcasting was conducted at the hall for all speeches addressing to 2000 guests in 6 different languages and it gained the guests’ appreciation. A multimedia substructure suited to international meetings was created at the conference hall of 500 people which is the second greater conference hall. The acoustic simulation projects of the hall were compiled for the sound system of the hall suited to the architectural projects and considering the reflecting properties of the materials used in the hall so as to obtain the most satisfying sounds and speaker lay outs and system adjustments were made in line with these projects.


An immaculate sound quality was obtained by using 2, Quattro array speakers and 2 subwoofers and 4 monitor speakers which support these speakers. By digital network processing and amplification system support, 110 dB of sound level could be reached. The lighting system of the stage was provided taking into consideration and using as basis the stage dimensions, with 12 led spots in front of the stage and 8 led spots on the stage. Control of the system can be made via the computer located at the control room and it was also designed in such a way that it can be controlled via IPAD so as to provide freedom of motion.


Also the general lighting of the hall can be integrated to the system and different scenario groups can be generated as per the user’s requests. The display system was chosen in such a way that it is suited to presentation and cinema applications with a curtain having area over 25 meter squares from 30 meters. Broadcasting can be conducted at the hall in 6 different languages by translation. As the translators translate by watching the speakers’ images through the HD Conference cameras inside the hall, each language broadcasted from translation rooms will be transmitted to the wireless translation headphones which operate with RF technology that provide audience with uninterrupted listening quality. Meeting halls located at third floor for 122, 103 and 80 people respectively were designed and built in such a way to meet small scale meeting and seminar needs and requirements. 2 way speakers were used in speaker dubbing systems which are assumed to be suitable to the architectural structure in addition to sound quality. As per the determined needs, digital conference units provide uninterrupted sound quality with cable free phones and they have been appreciated being excellent.


The most suitable projectors were supplied for the visual system taking into consideration the dimensions of the hall and lighting ratios of the room. They were designed with curtains having dimensions suited to the size of the halls also suitable for the small scale meetings and seminars. The meeting hall for the statesmen which is one of the most magnificent halls of the facility (i.e. elliptical hall) was furnished with golden embedded type special production Bosch conference units and motorized monitors, thus they were also given the technological edge. By operating in integration with the conference system, the monitors which automatically rotate to the position of the speaking statesman and reflection of this image to the monitors in front of the statesmen/delegates by means of LCD displays located on four sides of the hall were greatly admired. Press briefing hall for 150 people was equipped and furnished with 3x3 LCD video Wall screens, sound distribution panels for pres and line array speakers.


In addition to the beautifully designed internal architecture of the hall, it also has a magnificent view of Caspian Sea. There are two banquet halls on the basement floor of the facility so as to organize balls and cocktails. One of the halls is for 450 people and it can be divided into two. The other has a capacity of 250 people. High resolution projectors are available in the halls in addition to the motorized curtains. By means of the cameras inside the hall, the hall may be monitored from the control room and these images/videos can also be broadcasted at the other halls. Digital movie device, cinema processors and amplifiers and speakers which comprise 5+1 sound system were used at the VIP movie theatre of the ground floor. Entirely fabric coated internal architecture of the hall provides a compact cinema experience at a higher quality. The internal communication among all halls of the facility and the control rooms were performed by means of domestic communication intercom systems. To this end, in 16 technical rooms, 24 key digital intercom panel and 14 free-speak beltpack cable free unit was used for wireless communication. Hybrid, triax and fibre-optical cables were laid at the facilities at 28 points to the rooms where broadcasting vehicles would approach as the broadcasting substructure. Each connection panel was equipped with two or three hybrid and triax camera connections and 8 core fibre-optical tips. The cables used in the substructure of live broadcasting were supplied from the leading global providers/manufacturers in this area. HD-SDI signals were transferred to this room via fibre optical substructure. At this point, the images and sounds of the halls and broadcasting vehicles could be transmitted and exchanged via 40x40 video router located here.


Also audio communication was conducted from all the halls addressing to this room by laying analogue audio cables of eight channels each, via live broadcasting vehicles among the halls. Thus, for instance, audio and visuals of activities in the multi-purpose hall seating 2000 people could be transferred/broadcasted to all halls within the facilities and the broadcasting vehicles. The data communication substructure of the Multi-media systems was solved within the frame of the Professional systems independent from IT system of the building. Thus the organization of the audio and visual systems which require high band width was conducted by Ateksis and it was removed from being a burden for IT system of the building. To this end, the broadcasting vehicle communication room was used as centre and a fibre optical cable substructure was created among all control rooms. During the 2 years of project, supervision, assembly test and commissioning processes, Ateksis team consisting of more than thirty people is proud to have completed this reputable Project successfully. 

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