Product Information


3D & 2D HD Medical Video Recorder

Suitable for: Surgical Microscopy, Surgical Endoscopy, Robotic-Assisted Surgery in 3D

Designed specifically for recording long-playing 3D and 2D HD images from OR medical cameras and simultaneous patient monitor information.

> Can record and playback high quality 3D and 2D video with simple operation
> Accept 3D HD video input from HD-SDI and DVI sources with high resolution of 1080 vertical lines up to 60 proggressive frames per second
> Simultaneous recording on internal hard drive, DVD/ Bluray Disc drive and USB slot
> Real-time distribution with a streaming function
> Broad Support of media for data exchange
> High quality HD recording (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 compression)
> Large capacity hard disc for long recording capability
> Wide range of Interfaces
> Network data transmission through FTP or CIFS
> Pre-install Sony USB printer driver
> Still and motion image capture

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