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OLED Technology

Wide dynamic range
Accurate colour reproduction in dark areas of the displayed image
Thanks to Sony TRIMASTER EL technology, the Sony OLED monitor is capable of reproducing pure black, faithful to the source signal. It provides superb colour reproduction, especially for dark images. This enables medical professionals to observe very subtle details in each image. For example, the faint colour differences of tissue under low-light conditions such as blood vessels, membrane and fat, are correctly reproduced.

Quick response

Virtually no motion blur

Because the OLED electroluminescent layer inherently responds to any electrical current input, it emits light with virtually no delay. It therefore achieves superb quick response performance for fast moving images. This efficient blurfree, fast response time is beneficial for a variety of critical medical applications, such as rigid endoscopic surgery and flexible endoscope investigation.

Wide colour gamut


Reproduces small differences in colour Sony OLED technology displays the largest colour range of any Sony monitor previously offered. The Sony micro-cavity structure uses an optical resonance effect in combination with accurate colour filters to calibrate and stabilise RGB colour accuracy.

This combination is also effective in reducing ambient light reflection, and consequently deep colour reproduction can be achieved with virtually no degradation, particularly in bright environments.
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