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Nurse Call Systems

With a wireless telephone, the nurse can speak directly to the patient and immediately assess his or her needs – without taking a step. This saves movement and time, reducing the nurse’s workload.

The system allows the nurse to forward a patient call and assign services by initiating predefined tasks, or automatically escalate the call to the assigned secondary caregiver. Even if the nurse is busy with another patient, the call will not be delayed and the patient’s needs will still be addressed in a timely manner.

Many nurses spend a huge amount of time going back and forth to take calls from fixed-line phones.

They have to leave the bedside, and the telephone line is busy while calls are being answered. This can make it difficult to get through, especially in emergencies.

 Calls are never lost, they are discrete and delivered to the right person

Calls are sent to:

  • An individual nurse
  • A colleague in case YOU need help
  • A group of colleagues in emergency

We support different ways of nursing:

  • Group or team nursing
  • Personal nursing
  • Mixed combinations
  • Your organisation
  • Support of hospitals or dedicated network
  •  True IP and true nurse call
  • Migration of installed base
  •  New functions in workflow improvements
  •  Open system for data sharing and interfacing
  • Meeting new customer demands
  •  Aligned support of WiFi and IP-DECT handsets, including voice

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