Ateksis Transformed CCTV System of Sabanci University into IP

  Bosch analog cameras preferred by Sabancı University for CCTV system were transformed into IP through encoders with the project the installations of which were carried out by Ateksis. The security surveillance of Sabanci University Campus Area, Student Dormitories, Parking Places, and Nanotechnology Research and Application Center (SUNUM) building is provided with 479 Bosch cameras, and the CCTV system which was formerly installed with analog cameras has been converted into IP by Ateksis via VIPX 1600 series encoders. With the use of VIPX 1600 series encoders, the formerly installed analog cameras continued to be used, and so the investment made previously has been let off being inactive. Thus, the advantage of flexible management of the IP system was benefited for the CCTV system within the campus having a distributed structure. 2 monitoring points have been created for the solution in which fixed-dome and 465 VDC Series flexi-dome cameras were used. In the project where Archive Player Software has been used the VRM Software, 5 ISCSI units -2 12TB and 3 24TB- with 96TB capacity in total were used as Recording System. For the card pass system of the recently constructed Nanotechnology Research and Application Center (SUNUM) building, on the other hand, the trademark of Bosch was used again, and most of the card readers within the building are fingerprint readers. It’s planned to replace any pass control units of the card pass systems previously installed within the university with Bosch trademark, and to have all card pass systems of the university become Bosch branded over time. The card pass system controlled via Bosch Security Integration Software (BIS) has 10000 user licenses and it has the capacity to expand when required with the additional licenses. The Bosch branded CCTV system installed runs as integrated with the Card Pass system over Bosch Security Management Software (BIS). At the system set up by Ateksis, when alarm is signaled from Card Pass System through the integration software, the display of the related camera is transferred to the monitoring screen of BIS software. The card pass system and CCTV system on Building Integration System (BIS) are controlled over a single software and so it has been ensured for systems to run as integrated.

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