Ateksis Sounds New Subway Line of Istanbul – M3

  General sound and emergency announcement systems of M3 subway line were implemented by Ateksis   General sound and emergency announcement systems of M3 subway line which will be put into service in the upcoming days were also implemented by Ateksis after T1 line and Metrobus line at the rail system of Istanbul.   With the M3 subway line intended to be opened in the upcoming days; the Istanbulites will have a new subway route. Total length of the M3 line which is designed in accordance with the 180 m trains having 8 parts is 15,9 km. The passenger transport capacity of the line is 70.000 per hour with 11 stations. With the transit to be carried out at Kirazli station, this line will link the passengers to M1 line (Aksaray to Airport) and, on future dates, to the Marmaray.   While any construction and electromechanical works were carried out by Gülermak – Doğuş Ordinary Partnership for M3 line, the general sound and emergency announcement systems were projected by Ateksis.   Most significant criterion: sound clarity   Stating that the most significant criterion for a subway station is the clarity of sound, the specialists also declares that it’s important for such clarity factor to be stable any time and in any circumstances, and to keep the same level both at the rush hour and at the most isolated time.   The working process initiated with the EASE works carried out for all stations has been continuing with the acoustic simulations created by the project engineers by moving architectural projects into the EASE environment and the determination of the proper locations and numbers of loudspeakers at the stations through EASE simulations. Then, microphones measuring the noise and changing the output of amplifiers automatically according to the ambient noise level are implemented in order to control automatic sound levels. In this way, it’s ensured that the sound of announcements is high-level when the number of passengers is high and when the train comes; while it is low-level when the passenger number is less. The main target herein is to keep volume of the announcement above the noise at all times in a way that will not disturb passengers.   The process of determining field equipments is followed by the stage of the selection of central equipments at the stations.   The system chosen must be a system; • that latency and equalizer settings of which may be performed at its outlets in order to enhance clarity factor (DSP), • Speaker lines of which are supervised, that can be followed both at the station and at the center in the states of open-circuit and closed-circuit, • that auxiliary amplifiers are immediately enabled automatically in case of any amplifier failure at the stations, • that the stations can be monitored and controlled at a centre via TCP/IP network, and that the sound signal from center to local is moved via TCP/IP network, • that it’s possible to announce from both local and center, that can give priority for central announcements, That can announce for separate zones at the same time, • That can make central (informing / advertisement) and local (emergency / evacuation) automatic announcements, • that is open for integrations to be intended in the future with the 3rd party systems such as passenger informing via OPC structure, • that has its system amplifiers on separate floors as required by the locations of some stations, but operates the system as a whole, • that is easy to operate and user-friendly. The solutions that will meet all of the demands specified above have been provided and applied with the combination of engineering skills and experience of Ateksis and the power of Bosch Praesideo series digital system.   Central configuration stages   At the first stage of central configuration, the central control software was developed, which runs on a touch screen computer. Such software designed according to special requirements of the project provides opportunity for operators to choose stations and sub-sections of the stations on the touch screen, and to make any announcement they wish.   At the second stage, the local system center has been designed in accordance with the amplifier calculations conforming to the power of loudspeakers at each station. Bosch Praesideo NCO units used as system admin at the stations perform the tasks such as automatic volume control, latency, equalizer, line supervision, auxiliary amplifier control, and announcement prioritization. With the 28-channel structure of Praesideo system, the music broadcasting, local announcements as well as central announcements may be performed at the same time.   At the third stage, priority planning has been done within the system. • Emergency announcements • Central announcements • Recorded announcements – local manual announcements • Airplay (music broadcasting)   It’s possible to move both sound and control information by performing the communication between the center and stations via inter-stationTCP/IP network system.   The designed and applied system has a modular structure, and it’s suitable for both local additions and station locations. Also, there are 650 Bosch cameras supplied by Ateksis at CCTV part of the same project.   Stations on M3 line Metrokent Başak konutları Siteler Turgut Özal İkitelli Sanayi Olimpiyat Ziya Gökalp Mah. İstoç Mahmutbey Yeni Mahalle Kirazlı

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