Medipol Mega Hospitals Complex

  Building electronic system of Medipol Mega Hospitals Complex has been put into practice by Ateksis. All systems of the project which was initiated with the frame of the hospital and expanded continuously with the additions of oncology hospital, cardiovascular hospital and parking place have an ever-expanding structure accordingly. Recently, a dental hospital was integrated with the main frame in the project, and the expansions were realized smoothly thanks to Ateksis engineering and the flexibility of Bosch products.   Bosch BIS software was used in the cabin of the system and thus it was ensured that the fire detection, card pass and CCTV systems could communicate with each other on the basis of software and that the operators could monitor and manage the system over floor plans of the building.   Within the hospital complex, the fire safety has been provided through control panels of FPA 5000 series networked each other, and 32 FPA 5000 control panels may be networked each other.   Announce system was configured as 36-zone, and it was made possible for it to enlarge with router additions as the hospital complex expanded. Bosch Controller unit communicating directly with the fire panel could perform the functions of airplay, manual announcement and automatic emergency announcement all at the same time.   CCTV system was built as hybrid. Analog cameras within the complex go to network via IP encoder units, and they are monitored and operated with IP cameras of 720p resolution.   Analog cameras record on 700 series recorders, while IP cameras record on ISCSI recording units. Despite such different recording media, it has been ensured that monitoring and operating may be performed on a single interface.   Access control panels with AMC card from Bosch professional series run over TCP/IP network through BIS software. With 170 card readers in total, the authorized entrances / exits can be controlled via Bosch card pass system throughout the building.   Also any controls regarding the meetings such as lift projector, curtain, presentation selector, lighting, and music source are being controlled by Creston automation system, and can be operated over iPad. The interview made with Ali Genç, Head of Technical Services of Medipol Mega Hospitals Complex, may be found at the

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