Location Track


The Ascom/Ekahau secure tracking solution offers the ability to locate things or people over any generation of WiFi networks. 
The solution aims to provide location-based services as well as personnel security with the option to send alarms. The position of the person 
carrying the handset can be estimated with pinpoint accuracy and rapid assistance can be sent.
Location – a solution for enhanced personal safety Sending an alarm is only one part of the chain of events. The alarm must be forwarded to people acting upon it. If the location of the alarming device is known, the time to find the person in trouble can be reduced significantly.
The Ascom VoWiFi system handles initiation and transmission of all alarms, forwarding of alarms to user groups and creation of escalation 
chains. The Ascom system is also handling forwarding of alarms to external systems such as GSM, sirens, flashlights etc.
In case of an alarm from the Ascom i62 the following details in the alarm message are displayed:
  • The identity (usually the call number) or username of the device.
  • The time for the alarm
  • Location info e.g. building A, room 12


(Datasheet - Ascom/Ekahau)

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