Dect Terminals



If you are responsible for mission critical communications, you need to be confident that your wireless system can hold up under the same pressure you do, every day. That means a mobile voice and data network that is secure and dependable on one hand, while offering all the benefits of cordless integration on the other. That’s why we have developed Ascom IP-DECT, a cost-efficient solution that combines the best of traditional thinking with all the promise of tomorrow.



Pick up a d41 and the first characteristic you notice is the handset’s streamlined design. Large, easily controlled keys including a smart 4-way navigation key, mean making and taking calls is easier and more logical.


When effective communication can have a direct effect on safety, health or security, multi-feature handsets and a support system of the highest standards is a necessity rather than a luxury.



Ascom d81 - performs where other handsets reach their limit. A tough design with an outstanding level of functionality and operating safety makes it a natural choice for users demanding operational excellence in the most challenging environments.

d81 Ex

The d81 Protector Ex, certified as causing no risk of explosion in gas and dust environments, enables maximum protection in workplaces with potentially hazardous locations.



DECT Forum, the globally acting industry association embracing suppliers and operators of DECT based terminals, systems, and networks.


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