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The Ascom IP-DECT system – data and voice in secure harmony

Ascom IP-DECT combines the proven DECT standard with VoIP, allowing you to take advantage of both packet data and high-quality voice connections – on the same network. You can look forward to superb quality of service and excellent messaging capabilities in a secure radio environment. And because there’s seamless handover, you won’t have to worry about interruptions and ‘lost’ information, which inevitably result in confusion, misunderstanding and irritation. IP-DECT offers a dedicated and protected frequency, making it exceed­ingly difficult to hack into. Which means you can look forward to minding your own business – safe in the knowledge that mission-sensitive information stays where it belongs.

Our solution offers less, a lot lessWith the launch of the Ascom IP-DECT system, you can look forward to significant cost-savings. With fewer cables to worry about, less can go wrong and maintenance is greatly simplified. Telephony and IT are no longer separate functions with separate departments. The same tools are used for both. Ultimately, you’ll enjoy a lower total cost of ownership.

A model of modularity The Ascom IP-DECT system is modular. Regardless of whether you’re oper­ating a small business or a large multi-site installation with remote offices, we provide the solution you need. You’ll find that full handover with just one local or remote PBX is highly convenient. In fact, the Ascom IP-DECTsystem is designed to handle up to 100 IP-DECT gateways, 1,000 IP-DECT base stations and 10,000 handsets (no, it’s not a misprint). Each IP-DECT base station can manage as many as eight simultaneous voice calls, while an IP-DECT gateway can handle 40 voice calls and 16 base stations all at once.We call these numbers system limitations. Our customers tend to view them as endless possibilities.


Yesterday and tomorrow both taken care ofWith Ascom, legacy systems are not an issue. Traditional DECT base stations can readily co-exist with IP-DECT base stations while enjoying full support for roaming and handover. By using the IP-DECT gateway, you can reuse and utilize your investment in DECT base stations and migrate to VoIP with­out fuss and without compromising your security.

However, if you are not running a DECT system today you can use the Ascom IP-DECT system together with your IP PBX choosing SIP or H.323 protocols to build the network – unless, of course, you have a large system in mind where, for example, LAN connectivities are far apart. In which case you could use a mix of IP-DECT base stations and IP-DECT gateways together with traditional DECT base stations (cable distance up to 1.5 km instead of 100 m for Ethernet).

Smooth migration to the VoIP worldThe Ascom VoIP gateway is a real time- and money-saver. Because it con­nects with an already installed PBX, there’s no need for a costly upgrade. And for added convenience, it supports a wide number of PBX supplemen­tary services, including call transfer, call forwarding and caller ID. As a bonus, the redundancy planning feature more or less eliminates downtime.

Making migration even smoother With the Ascom analogue Gateway you can connect to analogue PBX:es and integrate with the Ascom IP-DECT system . This will enable IP-DECT to work together with an analogue extension towards analogue PBX:es in a similar way as with traditional Radio Exchange technology. Any system can now be “IP-fied”, even if it is connected to an analogue PBX.

Easy to install, easy to use, easy to maintain Installation couldn’t be easier. The entire package contains a few simple plug and play components. No specific software is needed, and any configuration you need to do can be handled via a web browser. This means that not only do you avoid costly investments in specialist competence, there’s also less risk of error. A traditional base station and the new IP-DECT base station can be used in the same system. Maintenance is easily handled remotely.

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