Ascom Cardiomax


Optimization of patient care is one of the top priorities of all hospitals throughout the world. Integrating patient monitoring systems with wireless hospital communi­cations simplifies patient alarm management, and helps to align people, processes and technologies.
The Ascom Cardiomax is a Medical Device* required when integrating Ascom Unite with Patient Monitoring Systems for message distribution to wireless devices and corridor displays.
Ascom Cardiomax provides near real-time alarms intended to serve as a parallel, secondary notification system to inform healthcare professionals of specific events captured by patient monitoring systems.
It has been designed to integrate to a variety of standards-based and proprietary patient monitoring systems and send monitor alarm information to a wide variety of display devices, including pagers, mobile handsets, and text displays.
Ascom Cardiomax addresses pain points:
- Alarm fatigue is the number one medical device hazard as reported by ECRI**
- Too many alarms interrupt workflow and negatively impact staff efficiency
- Excessive alarms may lead staff to silence alarms or turn alarms off completely
- An overwhelming false positive alarm rate desensitizes clinicians
- Risk of ignoring constant alarms can negatively affect patient safety


Improve response time to critical patient events
   -Receive patient monitoring alarm via mobile device
Reduce ”alarm fatigue” through smart alarm management
   -Use alarm filter to reduce number of alerts being sent
Increase efficiency of nursing staff by avoiding unnecessary interruptions
   -Provide distinctive alert tones based on event priority
   -Color code messages to readily identify critical events
Increase patient satisfaction and quality of care
   -Escalate alert message, if busy, via soft key response

Supported Patient Monitoring Systems (Market Approval):
- Mindray - Panorama Patient Monitoring Network (N. America)
- Nihon Kohden - PagerService Protocol v1.0 (N. America)
- Philips - CareNet & IntelliVue Clinical Network (EU/EFTA/N.America)
- Spacelabs - ICS Clinical Event Interface Protocol v1.0 (EU/EFTA/N. America)


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