Alarm & Messaging

In healthcare, industry, retail and many other areas, communication networks are the nervous system of operations. They define your ability to communicate quickly, effectively and with the increasing degrees of complexity system users and administrators demand. Consider this carefully and it makes perfect sense to assume that the more powerful the brain that controls and manages these networks, the more effective your operations.

Unite is Ascom’s vital communication platform that links systems with sophisticated, Mission-Critical working processes. It is also the only solution currently available that can deliver Intelligent Integration, Advanced Alarm & Messaging and System Management in one unique, powerful package.



  • Effectively links systems with sophisticated work processes and tasks.
  • Allows for integration of existing systems.
  • IP-based open architecture allows for high scalability potential.
  • Notifies the user via a wide array of mobile and fixed display devices including signboards, pagers, in-building VoWiFi or IP-DECT handsets, smartphones and tablets.
  • Adds value to your operations through optimizing quality of messaging, resulting in increased staff efficiency.
  • In the hospital environment, Unite can contribute to a more comfortable, less traumatic patient experience.
  • Future proof and backward compatible.
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